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Our partnership with Champlain Valley Head Start focuses on digital literacy for Vermont preschoolers - and their parents!


Parents + Preschool is helping the parents of Vermont preschoolers increase their engagement in their child’s education through the use of digital media, bringing together educational resources including Vermont PBS’ children’s content, early-education teachers, and low-cost technology to help bridge the digital divide for economically disadvantaged Vermont families.

The Vermont PBS + Preschool Project is a parent education program linked to the research and content created by the PBS National Ready to Learn initiative. This body of research supports playful engagement through educational games, books and resources shared on the PBS Kids, PBS Kids Parent, PBS Kids Lab (science & math), and PBS Kids Island (literacy) websites. 

Vermont PBS has taken the Ready to Learn research and resources to the next level by collaborating with Champlain Valley Head Start to present an interactive workshop for Vermont families with preschool aged children. The goal of the workshop is to share interactive activities with families linking each activity to early learning concepts.  A Certified Licensed Early Educator will make connections throughout the workshop to social, emotional, mathematics, and early literacy knowledge.  These activities will then be linked deeper - connecting the PBS Kids Parent resources on-line created through the Ready to Learn program.  

The Framework for Quality in Digital Media for Young Children created by the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media will be used to frame the workshop as our certified licensed early educator shares integrated math, literacy and science concepts demonstrated through a PBS Kids Playtime (child safe) tablet and other PBS research based resources.  These resources provide an assortment of activities that parents can access at home. 

Through the workshop, families will learn how to be tech savvy and discern which programs and activities can be used side by side to enhance learning for their children. The curriculum will enforce a multi-dimentional experience, using hands on activities, books and technology, with deep connections to early learning domains.

Each family will take away:

  • New knowledge of ways to play and learn with their children.
  • Books related to family, literacy and numeracy- with new connections to Teaching Strategies GOLD* domains
  • Hands on activities connecting books with digital games and activities created by the Ready to Learn Grant 
  • A PBS Kids Playtime (child safe) tablet
  • Knowledge of quality digital resources available on this tool including interactive games and extension activities 
  • New knowledge of ways to make informed decisions about on-line activities for their child

The initial project kicked off in May, 2017 with 30 Vermont families, with hopes to expand statewide.

The Parents + Preschool program is being funded general support from Vermont PBS donors and by...

The Bay & Paul Foundations

Books are generously provided by local bookstore, Phoenix Books.

Generous grants from the
Comcast Foundation, which is focused
on digital literacy.

Turrell Fund

A Foundation Serving Children


*Teaching Strategies GOLD is a mandated assessment used by Vermont Head Start Programs and Preschools accessing Act 166  Public Education funds for children ages 3-6.  This hands-on and interactive parent Education workshop will empower families to better understand this tool and link play to learning as they engage with their children through the summer months when Head Start is out of session. Outcomes include helping families to recognize the learning opportunities found through play together. 

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